TEREM CROSSOVER Intl. Music Competition

Six Intl. Music Competition

Russia, St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg's State Capella
TEREM CROSSOVER Intl. Music Competition

TEREM CROSSOVER is a competition of ensembles that do not fit into the traditional “pure” genres, artists looking for new expressive possibilities, new combinations of styles and new sound.

The main criteria determining the winners will be professionalism, artistry, the quality of the arrangement, the presence of charisma and the actual musical crossover. Under the “musical crossover” is understood the absence of restrictions on the combination of various styles and directions to achieve the most vivid imagery and artistic expression of the works created and performed. The prizes for the winners will be cash prizes, concerts in Russian cities, participation in the Terem Quartet projects.

The jury of the TEREM CROSSOVER International Music Competition invites famous musicians and organizers of concerts in the style of “musical crossover”, reputable music producers from Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

In addition to competitive auditions, which will be held in the format of publicly available concerts, master classes and seminars with the participation of jury members will be held within the Competition. The culmination will be an award ceremony and a gala concert in which jury members and winners of the Competition will meet on the same stage.

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