TEREM CROSSOVER International Music Competition

“TEREM CROSSOVER” is a unique competition of ensembles that do not fit into the traditional “pure” genres, artists looking for new expressive possibilities, new combinations of styles and new sound. The main criteria that determine the winners are professionalism, artistry, quality of arrangement, the presence of charisma and the actual musical crossover.

The concept of “musical crossover” comes from the English crossover, meaning the intersection of various styles and trends in music. This lack of restrictions on the combination of trends and styles to acquire new meanings. Classical drums, cello, accordion, piano and violin in “TEREM CROSSOVER” coexist on the stage with such instruments as beats, kamancha, kahon, balalaika, domra and keyboard harps.

“Crossover” always plays with the facets of the roads, it is always a little ironic, with a double-triple sense of the play. This is a player who loves to juggle with meanings and contexts that already exist in the music world, he does it beautifully and brings in additional new, unexpected meanings and associations – says Terem’s leader Andrey Konstantinov. “The crossover musical style recycles the notion of elitism in music. Music cannot be without understanding and reciprocity, because if it is not listened to and does not vibrate at its sound, there is simply no music. “Crossover” is a search for new ways to the listener’s heart, taking into account the demands of the modern world. ”

The jury of TEREM CROSSOVER Intl. Music Competition invites famous musicians and organizers of concerts in the style of “musical crossover”, reputable music producers from Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

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