Bach & Schubert

Russia, St. Petersburg
Small Hall of the Philharmonia
Bach & Schubert

Bach & Schubert Program Bach in Russian or a classic from Terem Quartet.

The Bach & Schubert program was created by Terem Quartet on the order of the famous academic festival of music La Folle Journee, which is held in Nantes (France) with 1995.
In 2008 in France its first part was sounded – Schubert, in 2009 – in Japan, where the festival moved – Bach. Then both parts were combined into one concert and performed in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Both the French, and Japanese, and Russian publics of the treatment of Schubert and Bach were taken with a bang. And if Schubert Terem Quartet performs simply in the arrangement for his composition of instruments, then Bach – in completely original arrangements, in his corporate style, in a unique, already legendary Terem’s manner.

This year the program “Only Bach … and Schubert” turns 10 years old.

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