Children’s creative school “TEREMOK”

The creative school “Teremok” is a unique project that has no analogues in Russia, conceived as a tool for creating conditions for the intensive creative development of music-talented children aged from 8 to 18 years.

Children, becoming participants in our school, find themselves in a favorable environment, where in just a few days they have the opportunity to maximize their accumulated creative potential, overcome psychological barriers, powerfully expand their horizons, acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills and discover new facets of the music profession, plunging into intensive practice of collective co-creation. The school program is diverse and consists of trainings, lectures and practical exercises in a wide range of disciplines, from ensemble and orchestra to acting skills and calligraphy.

Classics, populists, jazzmen and folklorists; vocalists and instrumentalists meet each other at school. The School’s program, built with this characteristic in mind, allows musicians of various specialties and areas to not only get to know each other and create unusual creative alliances, but, above all, to get a unique practical experience that expands the usual horizons of musical consciousness and opens up new perspectives.

The program consists of two main areas: MUSICAL CLASSES and CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT.

Music lessons includes, first of all, playing in ensembles and in an orchestra. Young musicians are involved in intensive practical work, which is built into a holistic process from creating and learning a piece of music to performing it at a concert before an audience. This process takes only one day. And every new day of the School brings a new composition, a new style and a new experience of performing works together with other musicians. In addition, school participants receive professional advice and master classes in the specialty. An integral part of the program are rhythm and improvisation trainings that help children feel their body as a unique musical instrument, combining breath, voice, body and rhythm into a single whole, as well as gaining useful teamwork skills needed by each musician.

Creative development includes a wide range of disciplines that can be included in the program of the School. Each of them separately affects important aspects of the personal and professional growth of a novice musician, all together they are aimed at the comprehensive disclosure of the creative potential of the child.

Our creative school allows young musicians to receive a powerful positive charge and acquire unique knowledge and skills that are inaccessible in regular schools in just a week of intensive work. And the most important thing is that every child here gets a chance to show their individuality, to gain self-confidence on and off the stage, to open new perspectives and opportunities, to awaken inspiration, strength and taste for creativity!

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